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Unique hag seeping in left, to help the old man, Get the coin!

Givin is Gacha there that elementary school students in the coin Once accumulated! ! !

Laugh and cry, there is some left Gacha game, 爆誕 here! !

◯ How to play
1. Get the coins to help the old hag and the old man that seeping in left
2. To draw the Gacha put the coin!
3. It comes out memories from the capsule and pull the Gacha!
4. Try to complete the picture book to collect memories!

The Gacha there is a rarity!
Be rare degree does not come out quite high memories ( '· ω · `)
Get the coins to help the old hag When the coin is low!

If there is a rare degree of the old hag and the old man, some old hag that rarely meet!
Here is some of the super Reababaa with hidden letters! ! And help and rejuvenated Even I also have old hag!

Sealed to ○ ○ ing Babaa

Gargoyle Babaa

Kunoichi Babaa

Chin and wake-up ○○○ Babaa!

It is only part of the Babaa to introduce here, but you also me by all means try to help the old hag!

Do you collected what kinds of memories! ?

In addition to complete a certain certain and ending of shock ...

Download hag and the old man and the people like there is some elementary school students now!

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And human person likes are Agogatoga'
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- Monkey
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- Monkey
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- The existence of the universe Shi not exist in all sorts of this world

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