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THE SAME GAME AS iDROP DEAD: FLOWER EDITION, BUT THIS ONE HAS ALL THE GOODIES UNLOCKED FROM THE BEGINNING!The first iOS game of the Drop Dead series, on PC 20M+ downloads!This is the craziest ragdoll flinging physics puzzle game you'll ever play! Throw around the characters and all the loose items, and cause as much havoc as possible! Sometimes big disasters begin with a single push...iDrop Dead takes ragdoll blasting to another level! We've got big and small bombs, ski jumping in the summer, and flying heads! True sequel to a popular flash game called Drop Dead.The game takes advantage of iPod Touch's and iPhone 3GS's fast CPU, and some levels utilize motion sensors.* Realistic but cartoony physics* You can break the ragdolls and reveal the candy that's inside!* 27 hand made levels with multiple goals (total 216)* 12 levels from you players* Infinite levels from the random level generator!* 6 worlds* 14 characters* 4 game modes* 17 types of flowers* Contains flashlight!As we were pointed to a new, rosy direction, we filled iDrop Dead with all sorts of sweety things and rereleased the game as Flower Edition. Blood and bones are long gone, replaced with everyone's sugariest fantasies! Remember to brush your teeth after you're done.SIMILAR GAMES (so if you like these you might love iDrop Dead):Ouch!, Ragdoll Blaster, Max InjuryREVIEWS (iDrop Dead) "Overall, iDrop Dead introduces a lot of creativity into this genre." 5/5! "This game is a blast!" "It is truly a great game, and I recommend it fully to anyone who wishes to have some plain old fun." 4/5! "There is too much violence and dismemberment for me."

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iDrop Dead: Flower Edition


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05月 27, 2015

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