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Motherhood is not a state of mind or body, it is an experience to be lived and journey full of memories. Here we are, making your memories even better by keeping you informed with what’s pregnancy bringing to you. PregBuddy, one of the best FREE pregnancy apps ever, shall prove to be the best buddy for your pregnancy period. Also because, it’s not going to irritate you with irrelevant advertisement pop-ups every now and then! ;)

What is it that makes this pregnancy app special?

Here are some key features that might interest you:

-> Get updated with week-by-week growth of your baby : You wish to know it all about your baby and of course you cannot run to a doctor every time. So here we are, helping you out with updates of your baby every week.
* Weight of the baby

* Development of your baby’s organs

* Weekly growth of body parts of your baby

* Every movement of your baby inside your womb

-> Get week-by-week updates of your body changes : Know about your pregnant self even better with PregBuddy. Keep a tab on how your body changes during pregnancy.
* Nasal congestion

* Increasing weight around hips

* Braxton Hick contractions

* Changing texture of your hair and skin, etc

-> Be active with the weekly exercises recommendations: Ensure a fit and healthy pregnancy by following some simple and exciting exercises throughout your journey.
* Yoga, dancing, swimming and lot more

* Fun ways of doing some daily activities

* Variety of exercises every week
* Simple activities to handle your body changes

-> My Favourites: Here’s an interesting feature to mark an article your favourite, in case you want to refer to them later. Just tap on that little heart and see the article saved in you’re my Favourites section.

-> My Bookmarks: In a hurry? Left the article in the middle? Relax. Just tap on the Bookmark icon on the top right and save it in My Bookmarks and read it later.

-> Trimester Group: We believe every pregnancy is different and there is something to learn from every experience. Hence, we’ve got you connected with amazing group of ladies going through the similar experiences as yours. You can join in the Pregbuddy Trimester Whatsapp Group, where you get connected on the basis of what stage of pregnancy are you in.

Coming Soon:

-> Food Recommendation: Get the right diet plans customized for specifically for Indian pregnant moms.
Eating right is the most important aspect of pregnancy. Most of the free pregnancy apps for would-be moms have food recommendations not really customized for Indian women. Find out the best available diet a pregnant mom should follow during the most essential 40-weeks of their life.

We have everything that can help you experiencing motherhood in the easiest manner. As you look out for best apps for pregnancy, ensure you explore the way ahead with PregBuddy for a beautiful and memorable journey.

PregBuddy is building itself to bring more features out to you. All it needs is some love and suggestions to grow faster. Please send your feedback to

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