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Phone Dialer is an assistant dialer for telephone. By the DTMF dialing, it can directly extract the number from the mobile phonebook, and then send it to telephone to dial out. Simply pick up the telephone, put the mobile speaker close to the mouthpiece of telephone, and press the “by phone” icon, then the dialing will be completed by Phone Dialer. After the call connected, you can directly talk on the telephone.

In most country, using telephone to call to PSTN is much cheaper then using mobile to call to PSTN. Besides, it’s convenient and health to talk on telephone! If you talk on mobile for a long time, it will become heat. You will feel uncomfortable, and the electromagnetic waves may harm health. So just save all the contact numbers in the mobile phonebook, and let Phone Dialer dial for you when using telephone.

You can set one Dial plan for Free version. It will add or delete code for phone number. In some country, the way you dial out by mobile or telephone will be different. For example, you will add the local code before the PSTN number if you dial out by mobile. But if you want to dial out by telephone, you should not add it. Dial plan can solve this issue! Or maybe you want the telephone use another telecom provider to dial out. For example, the number in the mobile phone book is 0093312345. Dial plan can automatically change the number to 0053312345 for you when the call is dial out by telephone.

**20 sets of Dial plan for Full version**

Notice: It may not works perfectly in every mobile phone because of the speaker quality. Please download the Free version to test before buying the Full version!!

**If you have any suggestion to improve this app, please feel free to contact us!!**

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