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"PDF Jotter" allows you to jot notes or make quick sketches on your Android Phone/Tablet and then export your notes in PDF^ or image formats!

While "PDF Jotter" includes professional features like the ability to export your notes as PDF, "PDF Jotter" is well designed to make note jotting as intuitive and fluent as possible. Because we understand that sometimes great ideas & important messages come like flashes, you need to visualize or jot them down as straight away as possible. That's why the operation & user interfacing of PDF Jotter has been made so transparent & straight forward that you don't need to worry about being distracted by complicated App functions & operations like in most other note taking Apps.

Among other special features, "PDF Jotter" has a unique "traceable erasing" feature. PDF Jotter's "traceable erasing" highlights the areas that you just erased. Therefore, you know instantly your actual eraser size and whether you have incidentally erased anything important at just a quick glance! This is very important feature which allows you to erase with confidence! So that you can jot notes seamlessly yet accurately.

What's more, you have choice of different note papers such as Single line paper, math paper & graph paper etc for different purposes. Whether it's a quick memo, quick sketches, draft of figures and graphs or casual paper game, you'll find "PDF Jotter" a handy PDF notepad.


Hassle Free Operation:
- Hassle free start with instant prompt for paper selection
- Automatically ready with your last pen settings
- Traceable erasing
- Auto-hiding toolbar

Multi-Purpose Notepad:
- Choice of different paper type for different purposes
- single line paper in yellow
- graph paper
- math paper
- single line paper in white

- Change paper type anytime you like without losing your writings & drawings
- Undo/Redo (3 levels)
- Millions of pen color
- Flexible pen size
- Eraser
- Adjustable eraser size
- Export notes for sharing

Note Exporting:
- Export your notes as PDFs^
- Export notes as images

Get "PDF Jotter" and turn your Android phone or tablet into a handy PDF note taking and sketching device!

^ Industry standard PDF exporting server engine requires internet connection & provides more stable and efficient file conversion.

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