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“Learn Japanese” is an app that compiles thousands of vocabulary in Japanese, mainly of basic level, so that you can learn Japanese efficiently and for free using your smartphone.

In order to improve the level of your Japanese, the most important thing is to memorize how to write a variety of vocabulary in kanji and hiragana (or katakana) simultaneously. “Learn Japanese” app is a learning tool for newbies and beginners of Japanese who want to expand their basic vocabulary.

We also offer a kanji test aligned with Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), for those who are considering taking the exam. By studying the vocabulary pad and kanji test together, you have a very efficient study method that will help you to be approved!

One of the problems involving studying Japanese is the high cost of schools and material. The best option is to go on a study program in Japan, attend a Japanese school and learn while speaking to Japanese people and working, but this is not that easy. It is expensive, and without a certain level of Japanese, going on a study program itself becomes difficult, and the routine in Japan, troublesome.
“Learn Japanese” is a useful app for people with many different objectives, such as going on a study program to Japan, working in Japan, working for local Japanese companies, being able to understand their favourite Japanese anime and comic books etc.

Recommended for learners who want to:

- Take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Being approved in N1, N2, N3, N4, N5.
- Make Japanese friends. Be able to talk to Japanese friends.
- Work, find a job in Japan.
- Learn a minimum vocabulary before going to Japan for tourism.
- Learn just a little of Japanese along with a tourism guide book.
- Eat sushi, tempura and ramen at a good restaurant in Japan.
- Make lots of purchases in Japan for a good price.
- Go shopping and talk to the staff in Japanese.
- Read manga in Japanese.
- Watch Japanese anime, soap-opera and movies in Japanese.

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