FormattPhoto Live Camera Filters and Camera Effects by Formatt Hitech

"When I first heard how many filters were on The FormattPhoto Filters App, I thought I'm going to need bigger pockets" - John Chapple (

“The FormattPhoto Filters App quickly made it's way to my #1 smartphone camera app after its first use.” - Mabry Campbell (

FormattPhoto from Formatt Hitech, a world leader in professional photographic and broadcast filters. Turn your iPhone into a professional style camera with DSLR type filters and effects, LIVE, as you take the photo.

FormattPhoto enhances the photographic capabilities of your iPhone by allowing the use of professional quality exposure adjustments, neutral density filters, graduated filters, color filters, true black & white and special effects filters during the image capture process.

Unlike photo-editing apps where you apply filters to the image after taking it, FormattPhoto works in real-time, just as you would experience when shooting with a DSLR style camera. Select your filter, adjust the exposure, adjust the density, set your horizon point, set your focus and shoot - all with a few taps on your screen.

Filters are applied live and before image capture so you know that you are applying a filter or effect that works as you expect with the situation you are in. All done with our simple and intuitive interface.

Want to edit a few photos from your camera roll with the filters included in FormattPhoto? We heard you and we've added a complete Editor where you can use any filter, effect, lighting adjustment, crop and rotate and frame. You can upload directly to social networks directly from the editor!

Save your images at the size you want. Just need to share on Facebook or Twitter, or want to print your photos? We provide 5 different resolution selections, from xSmall social media enhanced resolution -for super speedy photo taking - to large scale resolution ideal for printing - and several steps in between. Version 1.5.0 has been optimized for the large scale iPhone4S & 5 capabilities (ver. 1.5.0 iPhone4 users would set their maximum capture size to 1600x1200 in their settings)

All filters and features work in real-time on both the main and front facing cameras as well as the editor!

FormattPhoto is a truly unique photographic experience for the iPhone.


*** NEW ***


Complete with access over 100+ filters for post editing

Adjustments of contrast, brightness, warmth and exposure

Crop and rotate

Frames and effects!

Over 100+ LIVE filters

25 Neutral Density filter stops and settings

42x3 Color filters (with 3 stops/density settings for each)

10 True Black & White filters

10 Effects filters

10 PopArt filters

10 Specialty filters

10 Retro (Vintage) filters

10 Portrait filters

Multiple density settings for dozens of filters

True Black & White filters

Elegant exposure control

Graduated filters for photos in difficult lighting situations

Custom Copyright watermarking option

Date Stamp your images

Meta data, Geotag functionality

Live, real-time filters

Color and True Black & White mode

3 Grid line settings

Focus Lock, Exposure Lock, Anti Shake, AWB and more.

Camera flash Torch light mode for constant lighting effects

Zoom function on main camera and front facing camera

Remember your "Last Filter" used

Save images in 5 sizes from x-small to Original capture! Optimized for iPhone 5.

(version 1.5.0 requires iPhone 4 to be set to 1600x1200)

Advanced social media integration with our "Instant Upload" to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Contact us any time with questions, kudos, help or concerns at

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