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This application let you control the brightness level only with motion.

To preserve your battery you can simply change your screen brightness with motion in any application.

* Move your device to the right and raise your brightness.
* Move your device to the left to decrease your brightness.

More features :
* Brightness Widget - Show the current brightness level.
* Always show the brightness level on the notification toolbar.
* Adjust the brightness level manually.
* Support the auto-brightness.
* Long press on search key to show the brightness dialog.
* Change the brightness with volume key when brightness dialog appear.
* KeyPress events when the brightness dialog appear:
- Menu key : open Brightness Motion settings.
- Back key : close the brightness dialog.
* The brightness indicator stay always on top. Click and hold to change the location. Single click to show indicator. Double click to show the brightness dialog.
* Brightness restore - Restore the brightness level to a default value:
* On unlock device
* On close screen
* On incoming call
* On end call
* On power connected
* On power disconnected

This feature is useful when you want to change the brightness while playing Angry Bird, Tower Defense, Glow Hockey, Blast Monkeys, 2 Players Reactor to name a few... No need to leave the game to change your brightness setting. Flip it !
After the installation, open the application and start the motion detection service. Now, you got the perfect control on your device !

**** Please try the free version before buying the pro version ****

If you have any comments, requests or problems, please contact the support.
Permissions informations
Change the brightness value in setting.
For haptic feedback.
To remove the dim on screen when brightness change.
To start the brightness motion service when device boot.
To validate licence.
(if you device support the DEVICE_POWER permission)
*Move your device to the bottom to close your screen.
Disable the motion detection service when the device is on a call.
Set the brightness dialog always on top of all application.

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