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Automated ad platform to track instant performance of each ad
Creative advertising solution makes marketing strategy more attractive
Intensify various function of your website, drive people to visit, gain more network traffic

PrePlay ad, the most desirable effectiveness

Interactive experience

PrePlay using experience is definitely more impressive than just receiving texts, pictures, and videos. Users can feel more convinced and engaged in the apps through PrePlay.

Higher conversion rate

Play apps directly to prevent all kinds of the resistance to the conversion of download.

Reach your audience across devices.

It doesn't matter what kind of devices people use, they can just click the "play" button and enjoy apps. FIISER makes our clients more accessible.

Versatile Ad Platform

Automated app upload system. Know the real story with FIISER's ad performance report and fix those ad projects which are not working.

Cooperation Between Platforms to enrich and strengthen your website easily.

PrePlay Channel

FIISER's PrePlay streaming technology are provided. Big, bold and beautiful display ensures apps are shown in the best way.

Completely convey the spirit and the splendid gaming experience to users losslessly.

App Search Engine

More than 5,000,000 apps, the biggest app database in the whole world. People can easily find what they exactly want through FIISER's patent technology.

As a Partner of FIISER's Display Network

Gain network traffic and ad profit by the most popular technology, FIISER's PrePlay

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